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Pure Linseed

Pure Linseed

We don't believe in hiding any charges, so the prices you see below are the prices you pay, delivered direct to your door. Pure and Simple.

Bags purchased 2+ 10+ 20+ 33+ 66+
Price per bag £22.75 £21.50 £18.95 £17.25 £16.50

All our feeds are sold with approximately a 6 month shelf life so you can stock up, take advantage of our volume discounts and know your Pure Feed will stay fresh!

Pure Linseed has a minimum purchase quantity of 2

In order to keep our delivery efficient and our carbon hoofprint™ as low as possible, we request that bags are ordered in even numbers.

Prices are subject to change without notice. The price advertised on the website is valid from the time of transaction.

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Your Pure Feed is:

  • Full of high-quality, natural ingredients that are good for your horse.
  • Surprisingly good value for a premium feed as you don’t need to buy balancer separately.
  • Free-from molasses.
  • Highly palatable – Horses absolutely love it.
  • Easy to buy.
  • Used by top equestrians around the UK.
  • Manufactured in the UK using quality British ingredients where possible.

Pure linseed uses modern micronising technology to pre-cook the linseed at very high temperatures so that it can be fed straight from the bag with no need for soaking or boiling. This enhances feed value and palatability and destroys naturally occurring Linase. High in health giving Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, pure linseed maintains healthy skin condition and produces a high shine to the horses coat. Omega 3 fatty acids also play an important role in helping to maintain immune function and to aid repair processes.

It's high oil, combined with very low starch and sugar levels, is especially beneficial to many equines from older horses and ponies or those needing hold condition and prone to laminitis through to top sport/performance horses.

Pure linseed can also be used at increased levels to add protein and extra calories to horses diets, particularly those in hard work or those needing to gain or maintain bodyweight.

Pure linseed comes as a palatable meal ready to feed and can complement any of the Pure Feed range of feeds and supplements.

For more information on Pure Linseed and a full nutritional specification click here.